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Vacant capsule comprises medicinal gelatin which is the prime raw material, as well as same essential titanium dioxide and edible pigment for shading. The molecular formula of medicinal gelatin is C102H151N31O39, which originate from animal bones and is the primary constituent of animal protein, it is a kind of senior protein with high freezing intensity and could be easily dissolved in water.

The molecular formula of titanium dioxide is TiO2, which is an amphoteric oxide of extreme stability, if seldom reacts with other element of compound, including oxygen, nitrogen, sulfide, carbon dioxide, and is used as shelter on the vacant capsule.

With stable chemical properties and remarkable security, some edible pigment, Tartrazine (C16H9N4Na3O9S2), Amaranth (C20H11Na3O10S3), Ponceau4R (C20H11Na3O10S3), Brilliant Blue (C36H34N2Na2O9S3), are used on the vacant capsule for coloring.
In production, the PH value is even kept neutral all the time. The substance involved hold stable chemical structure, they do not react with each other, and no any other substance will be generated in the process.

The raw material are mainly sourced from both domestic and oversea manufacturers, and the quality meet edible security requirement well. We follow the quality standard published in Chinese Pharmacopoela of on the inspection of medicinal gelatin and titanium dioxide, and GB on edible pigment.

We audit all of our suppliers every year on their qualification, material quality, as well as their credit that enable us to identify and select the best supplier for our supply chain networks to ensure the capsule quality.

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